The new model CaterWil GTS3 is the third generation stair climbing wheelchairs-transformers CaterWil. The model is developed in collaboration with engineers of the largest manufacturer in instrumentation industry Shvabe holding. Production of the new model is established by LLC “Caterwil”. The third generation of the device has more functional, comfort […]

ATTENTION! CaterWil GTS3 released!

Stair climbing wheelchair CaterWil GTS2 and stair climber IDEAL X1 were presented at the international exhibition MMSO2016 in Moscow. The highest governors of Russian Federation appraised the technology: – Minister of Education and Science Livanov D.V. – Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Levitskaya A.U. – Russian Deputy […]

The Governance of Russian Federation was surprised at capabilities of ...

Congratulations! Now you can become a CaterWil user! We are ready to consider your personality and your wishes. Available for order 3 color options: white, blue and red. Production time 2 months. Quality and overcoming stairs is guaranteed! Specifications: Width 65 cm Length ( with pegs ) 100-130 cm Max […]

Opens pre-order on CaterWil GTS2

New controllers for CaterWil combine all the features of a transformer stairs climbing wheelchair, have high quality and modern design. Silicone keyboard buttons provide greater durability. Unlike many other wheelchairs with the electric power CaterWil control system is separated from the control panel and is located under the seat. This […]

New remote controller release

Engineers of Caterwil company have designed a chin control system for wheelchairs. The device was designed and manufactured in shortest time. The system works as a remote repeater with a special tip for drivers chin. The device can be easily adjusted for each user and quickly folds if necessary.

A head control system is released

In collaboration with Shvabe “Defense and Protection” there was designed a luxury line of wheelchairs with anatomical seats. The release of pilot batch of devices is planned on July 2015.    

Luxury version of CaterWil GTS2 is designed