CaterWil GTS2 is a perfect solution where disabled person can climb stairs more than 20 cm with slope more than 40 degrees without any help controlling with joystick only.

CaterWil is an electrical powered wheelchair that has wheels and tracks platform. Wheels platform is used for moving on a smooth surface. Track platform is needed for overcoming stairs, curbs and other obstacles. In a wheel mode the track platform is hidden in its upper position doesn’t slug and doesn’t create resistance for moving. When the button pressed on a remote control the track platform goes down.

In track mode chair is controlled by gyroscope system. This way the passenger is always kept in a safe position.

Wheelchair Transformer

CaterWil GTS2


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The main advantages of CaterWil GTS2:

  • Overcoming almost any obstacles and stairs without physical effort.
  • Lower price.
  • The stability and safety of climbing stairs due to the long track base.
  • Automatic chair control by the gyroscope system.
  • Effective usage of the battery.
  • The compact dimensions are perfect for house and street driving.

Available for order 3 color options: white, blue and red.

Specifications CaterWil GTS2:

Characteristic Unit Value Notes
1 Dimensions

(length x width x height)

mm (1000-1300) x 645 x 1370 Adjustable length
2 Seat width mm 480
3 Seat depth mm 510
4 Seat height mm 820
5 Armrest height mm 150-230 Adjustable
6 Lower leg length mm 400-550 Adjustable
7 Weight empty kg 90
8 Max. load capacity kg 120
9 Front wheel size mm 150
10 Drive wheel size mm 330
11 Max speed on wheels km/h 7
12 Max speed on tracks km/h 0,7
13 Distance range km 17
14 Max stairs angle deg 40
15 Max step height mm 200
16 Noise level dBA <65
17 Operating temperature Deg C 0 to 40
18 Battery capacity A*h 20 6-DZM-20 x 2
19 Drive motors voltage V 24 2 DC motors
20 Charger power requirements V 220
21 Nominal charging current A 2,8
22 Wheelchair protective system IP54