CaterWil GTS3 breaks down stereotypes!

If you dream of independence, self-reliance, if you want to bring more emotions and bright events into your life, if you are tired of dreary apartment walls – CaterWil GTS3 will do the impossible possible!

The new GTS3 model is the third generation of stair climbing wheelchair-transformers CaterWil. The model is developed in collaboration with engineers of the largest manufacturer in instrumentation industry Shvabe holding. Production of the new model is established by LLC “Caterwil”.

Wheelchair Transformer

CaterWil GTS3


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As with previous versions CaterWil GTS3 has the ability to overcome steps up to 20 cm with 40 degrees slope. The transformation from tracks to wheels and vice versa is realized by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.

Seat can be deflected back and forth for a more comfortable fit using the buttons on the remote in wheel mode only. In a track mode CaterWil activates the gyroscopic system that supports horizontal position of the seat to ensure safety while overcoming obstacles. In a track mode chair adjusting buttons on the remote are not active.

The third generation of the device has more functional, comfort and safety features:

  1. Smart Control System – a system of motorized rotation of the front wheels. The technology provides perfect flexibility and excellent responsiveness of the joystick.
  2. Increased battery capacity to 35 Ah, which increases the cruising range up to 25 km.
  3. Width of the tracks is increased to 60 mm, which provides more stability and safety on stairs.
  4. Diameter of the front wheels is increased from 150 to 200 mm
  5. Added ability to program responsiveness of the joystick. Programming is performed by pressing a combination of buttons on the remote controller.
  6. Comfortable accessories. Seat, armrests, footrests and headrest are more comfortable, functional and have more adjustments.

CaterWil GTS3 specifications :

Characteristic Unit Value Notes
1 Dimensions

(length x width x height)

mm (1000-1300) x 645 x 1370 Adjustable length
2 Seat width mm 480
3 Seat depth mm 510
4 Seat height mm 550
5 Armrest height mm 150-300 Adjustable
6 Lower leg length mm 400-550 Adjustable
7 Weight empty kg 110
8 Max. load capacity kg 120
9 Front wheel size mm 200
10 Drive wheel size mm 340
11 Max speed on wheels km/h 7
12 Max speed on tracks km/h 0,7
13 Distance range km 25
14 Max stairs angle deg 40
15 Max step height mm 200
16 Noise level dBA ≤65
17 Operating temperature Deg C -10 to 40
18 Battery capacity A*h 35 2 pcs Lead-Acid
19 Drive motors voltage V 24 2 DC motors
20 Charger power requirements V 220
21 Nominal charging current A 5
22 Wheelchair protective system IP54