CaterWil GTS3 EXPORT is a fully “equipped” version of the CaterWil stairs climbing wheelchair. The EXPORT version has a full package of options on board, lithium batteries with increased capacity, pneumatic tires absorbing vibrations, full set of state-of-the-art LED optics and other novelties. As for running characteristics the new version is 20% faster and has a 1.5-2 times longer cruising range. GTS3 EXPORT has updated more advanced software that extends the hardware capabilities of the transformer and increases the safety of its operation.

The undercarriage was also upgraded. The frame and front fork are improved in the EXPORT version, now they have a higher strength and reliability. With all this things the total weight of the wheelchair transformer is reduced by 15 kilograms.

Wheelchair transformer

CaterWil GTS3 




CaterWil GTS3 EXPORT with options

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Among all the advantages of the new model it’s necessary to note a new lithium battery with increased capacity. Compared to old lead-acid batteries the lithium battery has a larger capacity, higher power voltage, deeper discharge, less weight and most importantly a longer service life. The lithium battery has a lifetime of 1000 full charge cycles against 300 cycles of standard AGM or GEL batteries. Taking into account the fact that the lithium battery has 1.5-2 times longer cruising range, it can be counted that on the new battery for its entire lifetime it is possible to travel 5-6 times more! In addition the new lithium cells are created specifically for electric transport are more resistant to cold, lose less capacity in the frost than lead-acid maintenance-free batteries.

Equally important is the comfort and handleability of the CaterWil GTS3 EXPORT. This is achieved with new vibration damping pneumatic wheels and updated software. Long trips with new tires on the asphalt became much more pleasant and relaxed, noise from vibrations was decreased. The joystick has become more obedient and the wheelchair itself is smoother at speed especially at turns.

Also there is no denying that the updated appearance of the EXPORT version is more attractive and cool. The headlights “Angel Eyes” have two modes of operation: “Running lights” (only the blue color rim is lit) and “Head lights” (power white LED optics additionally lights the road). Rear LED lights have one mode of operation and are designed to illuminate the space behind when reversing and for road driving safety. The rear cast chromed wheels also give the new CaterWil GTS3 EXPORT a modern and unique appearance.



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Characteristic Unit Value Notes
Dimensions (length x width) mm (950-1400)x 650 Length depends on footrests angle
Seat width mm 480
Seat depth mm 510
Seat height mm 550
Seat height mm 150-300 Adjustable
Lower leg length mm 400-550 Adjustable
Weight empty kg 95
Max. load capacity kg 120
Front wheel size mm 200
Drive wheel size mm 330
Max speed on wheels km/h 8
Max speed on tracks km/h 0,8
Distance range km 30
Max stairs angle deg 40
Max step height mm 200
Operating temperature Deg C -10 to 40
Battery capacity Ah 38 Lithium battery
Drive motors voltage V 24  2 DC motors
Charger power requirements V 220
Nominal charging current A 5



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Name Picture Comments
Driving mirror Зеркало заднего вида Rear-view mirror is helpful when driving on roads. It is also used for orientation when climbing stairs.

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Паспорт и инструкция по эксплуатации User manual
Сертификат соответствия скачать Certificate of conformity


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Caterwil GTS3 Export review on stairs in old house in the center of Italian Trieste


Caterwil GTS3 Export review from India


Going up on 20-th floor

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Автор  Юрий Ларин  10 May 2017 11:53 from Novosibirsk

Практически нет непреодолимых преград при передвижению по городу, преодолении лестниц бордюров  не вызывает затруднений. Манёвренная легко управляемая. Цена хоть и дороговата для российских инвалидов, но дешевле зарубежного аналога аналога в 3 раза.  Сиденье регулируется, угол наклона. Ширина коляски позволяет заезжать в лифт.


Эноргозатратная при передвижение на гусеницах.


Новая версия с пневматическими колёсами стала уверено стоять на дороге, сглаживает неровности, лучше слушается пульта управления, при неровностях на дороге не кидает в сторону. Преодолевает мелкие пороги на колёсах без труда.



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