Caterwil – wheelchair for stairs

Caterwil is a stair climbing wheelchair available for purchase in Novosibirsk now. Catewill is a perfect solution for disabled people to climb the stairs more than 20 cm height with slope more than 40 degrees absolutely independently.

Designed by professionals who cares of people’s comfort as much as possible, Caterwill was invented to create an accessible environment for all of them who need it the most. The step climbing wheelchair makes it possible to cross the stairs without lift or elevator or any assistance but by a power of crawler lift Caterwil ensuring easy control of moving.

Caterwil is a wheelchair on the caterpillar platform with an electric drive. The wheelchair itself is used for moving on a smooth surface. The caterpillar platform is needed to cross the stairs, ramps and other obstacles. The specially integrated rubber tracks provide the reliable contact with any surface, the gyroscope seat controller totally managed by electronics ensures the best safety of a passenger during the course of climbing stairs. The pneumatic wheels prevent from any vibrating and guarantee a pleasant move. Integrated front and rear LED optics help people to be mobile even at night or in any weather conditions and be fully visible for drivers.

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