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Tracked stairclimber IDEAL X1 is designed for people with disabilities to overcome stairs in wheelchairs with the help of attendant.

The stairclimber can be used for most of manual wheelchairs with big drive wheels. For electrical drive wheelchairs and nonstandard manual wheelchairs additional Universal platform can be used.

IDEAL X1 is an excellent solution for overcoming staircases in entrances of apartment buildings, entrances of theaters, libraries, schools, public places and private houses. It features high-quality performance, proven reliability, exceptional safety and maneuverability.

Stairs Climber



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The stairclimber has unique advantages over similar devices:

  1. Folding the support beam to minimize the storage / transport dimensions.
  2. Infinitely adjustable speed.
  3. Smooth acceleration and deceleration without jerks.
  4. Emergency button on the control column.
  5. Battery charge indicator on the control column.
  6. Easy latch of the control column
  7. Low vibration.
  8. Removable headrest
  9. Li-ion battery (optional) – increases operating time, decreases charge time.



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Dimensions of the device in operating position (width x height x length) 650х950х1380 mm
Dimensions of the base in folded position (width x height x length) 440х 360х1080 mm
Dimensions of the control column (width x height x length) 440х120х910 mm
Total weight 48 kg
Base weight (with batteries) 42 kg
Control column weight 6 kg
Capacity 1 person in a wheelchair
Speed (ascent – descent) 3-7 m/min
Carrying capacity 130 kg
Cruising range 23 floors
The maximum step height 170 mm
The maximum stairs slope 35 deg
Minimum stair width 750 mm
Operating temperature from -10 to +45 deg C
Environment humidity mах 90%
Operating voltage 24V
Motor power 350 Watt
External battery charger power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz. Charge current 1.5A
Batteries 12V, 12A*h – 2 pcs
Batteries recharge time 4,5 hours
Fuse 40A
Features 1.       Adjustable speed

2.       Smooth acceleration and deceleration without jerks

3.       The three-color battery charge indicator on the control column

4.       On-off LED indicator on panel

5.       Removable headrest

6.       Folding support to minimize the size for storage and transportation

Safety features: 1.       Self-braking system when the motor is not supplied.

2.       Safety belt

3.       The emergency stop button on the control column

4.       Emergency drive button on the panel

5.       Power off button

6.       Access Key


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Name Picture Description
Universal platform  IDEAL_X1_1 IDEAL_X1_2 Universal platform is an addition to the IDEAL X1 and needed for climbing nonstandard wheelchairs with small wheels and wheelchairs with the electric drive.
Additional batteries block with external charger  Dop_akkumulator Additional battery pack used when IDEAL X1 used frequently. In case the main batteries discharged, they can be quickly replaced and set charging without stairclimber.
Lithium battery with increased capacity  Litieviy_akkumulator Rechargeable lithium battery 24V 14A* h is installed instead of the standard battery. The battery is 5 kg lighter than the standard and has 1.5 times higher cruising range.

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User manual
Certificate of conformity



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