Lightweight power wheelchair Caterwil Lite

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Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair Caterwil Lite
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Caterwil Lite is a new product on the international and Russian market. It has two strong features - it’s extremely light and can be folded to the size of the average baggage. The wheelchair has six shock-absorbers, a lithium battery, a USB port for charging gadgets, a safety-belt, and black rubber wheels that leave no marks. Front wheels are made with solid rubber and the rear wheels have pneumatic tyres. The Caterwil Lite wheelchair was designed for elderly people and people with partial loss of musculoskeletal system functions to be able to navigate any type of the surface. The wheelchair can be used indoors, in the parks and alleys, and on the walkways on the city. This type of electric wheelchair can’t be used as a means of transport according to the road traffic rules. It’s not required to have a driver’s license to use the device, however it’s necessary to follow the traffic rules while driving.  


Parameter Unit Value
Overall size (width x height) cm 102 x 63
Overall size folded cm 42 x 63 x 73
Seat width cm 45
Seat depth cm 45
Backrest height (can be regulated) cm 50-62
Height from seat to ground cm 51
Weight empty (with batteries) kg 29
Max. load capacity kg 100
Front wheel size (solid rubber) mm 200
Drive wheel size (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 330
Max speed on wheels km/h 7
Distance range km 18
Battery capacity Ah 12 (Lithium)
Motor operating voltage  V 24
Charger input voltage 220




3 reviews for Lightweight power wheelchair Caterwil Lite

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  3. Brad

    Good price for a lightweight wheelchair!

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