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Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS3 Advanced

(5 customer reviews)

Price: $7,550

Next price increase on December 31, 2022
Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 Advanced
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Red
12-month warranty
Shipping: $71
to Russia

Caterwil GTS3 Advanced with installed additions:

  • Electric backrest
  • Electric leg rests
  • Folding-back table
  • Body support
  • Sun and rain protection roof


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  • Overview

    The Caterwil GTS3 Advanced is an improved version of the Caterwil GTS3, designed specifically for exporting to American, European and Middle Eastern countries. The Advanced model includes several features, including the lithium battery, vibration-absorbing pneumatic wheels, and a set of modern LED-headlights. The road performance is also enhanced; the Advanced version of a wheelchair is 20% faster, and has a driving range nearly twice as high as the GTS3. Along with this, the overall weight of the device was reduced by 15 kg.

    The most outstanding update in this version is the new lithium battery pack. Compared to the lead-acid battery, the lithium battery pack has a higher capacity rate, a higher supply voltage, a deeper discharge, weighs less, and has a longer service life. The lithium battery has a service life of 1,000 full-charge cycles, versus the 300-cycles of standard AGM and GEL batteries.

    Since the new lithium battery allows a higher driving range, the user can ride distances six-times longer using the same battery pack! Furthermore, it uses new lithium cells developed especially for electric vehicles that are more cold-resistant and lose less capacity in extreme cold temperatures.

    Another important aspect is the operating comfort of the Caterwil GTS3 Advanced; this enhanced comfort was achieved by using vibration-absorbing pneumatic wheels and updating the software. New tires make driving on rough terrain more comfortable and smoother due to reduced vibration noise.

    . The Advanced model also boasts newly designed front lights, the so-called “Angel eyes”, which have two operating modes:
    “Running Lights” — when only the blue rim is enabled
    “Low-beam“ — when the white headlight is turned on in addition to the blue rim

    Rear LED lights have one operation mode and were designed to illuminate the path for reverse movement to provide safe driving. Rear chrome alloy wheels also give a fresh and unique look to the Caterwil GTS3 Advanced.


    Parameter Unit Value
    Width cm 65
    Weight empty kg 98
    Distance range km 25
    Max. load capacity kg 115
    Seat width cm 45
    Seat depth cm 45
    Height of the backrest cm 53
    Height of the armrests cm 16-29 (adjustable)
    Front wheel size mm 200
    Drive wheel size mm 330
    Max speed on wheels km/h 8
    Max speed on tracks km/h 0,8
    Max stairs angle deg 40
    Max step height mm 200
    Operating temperature Deg C -20 to 40
    Battery capacity Ah 37



    5 reviews for Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS3 Advanced

    1. Alexander Shevchenko

      After using it for a year I can finally leave a review. The thing is that it’s my first electric wheelchair and there were some things that took some time to get used to.
      For example, on the staircase entrance is bare concrete. It’s not slippery at all. There’s also a radiator in the way. So it takes about ~15 minutes to climb to the second floor. First month it was about half an hour.
      Stair climbing takes a lot of battery power, I don’t use it every time.

    2. Elena B.

      I had the previous one and thought that it can’t get any better. Howvever, this model has even more to offer! Easy to manage, moves more smoothly and engine power lasts longer. Now, if somebody asks me, I recommend this one!!
      :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

    3. Alexander Ivlev

      I had a lot of thoughts before actually buying because I’m used to my wheelchair without all the fancy stuff and quite frankly I’m not very good with electronic devices. and this one seems like a complicated one. However I learned how to use it for one day. And my everyday routes are definitely get more quality. Right now it’s been about 2 years and a half since purchasing and I can say that my life completely changed.

    4. Vitaly

      Looking back at old days with a regular wheelchair it seems like a bad dream – electric wheelchair is a real game changer! This is definitely my best investment! I can go everywhere, with comfort and class. Now I understand what real comfort is.

    5. Viktor Starkov

      I’m person with lifelong disabilities. I first saw this wheelchair on the TV and decided that one day I’ll definitely get one myself. And my dream come true! I couldn’t even imagine how amazingly comfortable it is! No chance I’ll ever get back to my old wheelchait because now I can go anywhere. I can manipulate it by pressing only one button, it’s just miracle!

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