Stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 Advanced

Price: 7 400 $ 8 200 $

Stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 Advanced
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Caterwil GTS3 Advanced is an improved version of the stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 designed especially for exporting to Europe and Middle Eastern countries. The Advanced model includes several features which are the lithium battery, vibration-absorbing pneumatic wheels, and set of modern LED-headlights. The road performance is enhanced: this version of a wheelchair is 20% faster and has a driving range 1.5-2 times higher than the previous model. Along with this, the overall weight of the device was reduced for 15 kg.   The most outstanding update in this version is the new lithium battery pack. Compared to the lead-acid battery this type of battery has a higher capacity rate, a higher supply voltage, a deeper discharge, weights less and serve for a longer time. The lithium battery has a service life of 1000 full charge cycles against 300 cycles of standard AGM and GEL batteries.   Since the new lithium battery allows to achieve a higher driving range, the user will be able to ride distances 6 times longer on the same battery pack! Besides, it uses new lithium cells developed especially for electric vehicles that are more cold-resistant and lose less capacity in the extreme cold temperatures.   Another important moment is the operating comfort in the Caterwil GTS3 Advanced. This was achieved by using vibration-absorbing pneumatic wheels and updated software. New tires make the driving on the rough terrains more comfortable and smooth due to reduced vibration noise.   Also, it’s worth to mention the updated design of the new Advanced model. Front lights, the so-called “Angel eyes”, have two operating modes: “running lights” — when the only blue rim is enabled; “low-beam“ — when the white headlight is turned on additionally. Rear LED lights have one operation mode and were designed to illuminate the way for the reverse movement and provide safe driving. Rear chrome alloy wheels are also giving fresh and unique look for the Caterwil GTS3 Advanced.


Parameter Unit Value
Width cm 65
Weight empty kg 98
Distance range km 25
Max. load capacity kg 115
Seat width cm 45
Seat depth cm 45
Front wheel size mm 200
Drive wheel size mm 330
Max speed on wheels km/h 8
Max speed on tracks km/h 0,8
Max stairs angle deg 40
Max step height mm 200
Operating temperature Deg C -20 to 40
Battery capacity Ah 37

3D Photo

Caterwil GTS3 Advanced with installed additions:

  • Electric backrest;
  • Electric leg rests;
  • Folding-back table;
  • Body support;
  • Sun and rain protection roof.



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