Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS4 Lux

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Price: $11,000

Stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS4 Lux with power seat
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    General information about Caterwil GTS stair climbing wheelchairs

    Caterwil electric stair-climbing wheelchairs are designed to improve the lives of wheelchair users, by helping them create boundless environments to participate in day-to-day city life and live to the fullest, without limitation.

    The wheelchairs in the Caterwil GTS series provide mobility for people of all ages. They’re a great choice for individuals with limited mobility resulting from spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, lower limb injuries, and other musculoskeletal disorders. They can also be used by people recovering from serious medical conditions, such as a stroke, chemotherapy, or recent surgeries.

    The most significant advantage of the electric stair-climbing wheelchairs is that they can be used everywhere – making dynamic urban infrastructure facilities accessible – such as cafes, restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, hospitals, gyms, and shops like 7-Eleven, Walmart, Aldi, Lidl etc.

    Mobility independence is achieved by the electric drive functionality and combination of the wheel platform and track platform. The user can use the wheel platform to navigate smooth surfaces, while the track platform helps the user overcome obstacles and climb stairs with an individual height of up to 20 cm.

    Caterwil GTS4 Lux special features

    The main difference between the original GTS4 and its Lux version is the power seat, which includes electric footrests and an extremely comfortable orthopedic seat that can be adjusted by the user to meet their preferences.

    The width of the chair is 53 cm and, along with the side supports, it helps people of any size feel safe and comfortable. The power seat’s electronic regulation allows the user to set up the seat to suit their body type. The power seat can also help provide the user the ability to change the chair’s position throughout the day to prevent skin breakdown ("bed sores") and changes in blood pressure and flow.

    By clicking the buttons on the side of the wheelchair, the user can adjust the following options:

    • The headrest height
    • The cushion length
    • The tilt angle of each footrest
    • The tilt angle of the upper backrest
    • The lumbar support of the backrest
    • The tilt angle of the backrest

    With these options, the user can independently achieve the most comfortable sitting position and, with the recline options, they can even transform the wheelchair into a bed to rest in!


    Don’t limit yourself to the city – travel around the world! The height of the GTS4 Lux (without the headrest) is 116 cm, so it can be accepted for transfer in aircraft luggage compartments. The GTS4 Lux can also be transported in cars with larger baggage room, like SUVs and minivans. If the vehicle has the portable ramp, the device can also be driven in and out of the vehicle on its own.


    Parameter Unit Value
    Width cm 65
    Length (including footrests) cm 102-140 (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Length (without footrests) cm 86
    Height (without the headrest) cm 116
    Seat width cm 53
    Seat depth cm 46-51 (adjustable)
    Height of the backrest cm 65
    Height of the armrests cm 14-27 (adjustable)
    Length of the footrests cm 40-55 (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries) kg 114
    Max. load capacity kg 100
    Front wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 200
    Rear wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 330
    Max speed on wheels km/h 8
    Max speed on tracks km/h 0.8
    Distance range km 25
    Max stairs angle deg 40
    Max step height mm 200
    Noise level dBA ≤65
    Battery capacity Ah 37 (Lithium)
    Motor operating voltage  V 24
    Charger input voltage 220
    Charging current A 5
    Lightning options Front and rear lights 
    Additional safety options Protective covers on the track platform; Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels; Reinforced chain drive; Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard;  Ball bearings in track pulleys
    Comfort features Perforated orthopaedic cushion; electro regulated headrest height; electro regulated cushion length; electro regulated footrests; electro regulated tilt angle of the upper backrest, the lumbar support of the backrest; electro regulated tilt angle of the whole backrest.
    Option to fold the chair for transportation Not available

    3D photo


    6 reviews for Stair-Climbing Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS4 Lux

    1. Pavel Kaidalov

      Amazing powerchair, first edition can’t even match

    2. Oksana Shibikina

      Indeed, Catie glowed up))) Way to go girl, be a good help! :)

    3. Ivan Trunov

      Ferrari like, hehe

    4. Danil

      I am in a wheelchair for many years, so to choose the right one is extremely important. And even best of them couldn’t win over my last enemy – stairs. But this wheelchair is a major breakthrough, it trule makes me feel unstoppable!

    5. Alexander Nevzorov

      What a beauty!!! Gets better every time

    6. Giorgio Bilucaglia

      LUCCA, 10.8.2020

      • CatAdmin

        Puoi pagare solo con carta o bonifico bancario. Spiacenti, non abbiamo leasing

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