Caterwil GTS Electric Wheelchairs Received Medical Device Registration in Europe

Caterwil GTS Electric wheelchair has been successfully certified by the European Union and is now entering the European market. The wheelchair helps people to climb the stairs up and down on their own; without any elevators, ramps or assistance. 

Caterwil team has twice become world champion in the wheelchair competition Rehacare Cybathlon Experience, which took place in the Rehacare exhibition in Germany in 2017 and 2018.

Ivan Nevzorov, CEO of Caterwil: “European certification of Caterwil GTS is an important step in the company’s growth and development. Potential buyers and partners were already convinced of the uniqueness of our product at the Cybathlon competitions and were looking forward to buying it”. 

Caterwil produces other products as well, for example, the lightweight power wheelchairs with a total weight of 29 kg or the portable tracked elevator. Currently, the company has started developing an all-terrain electric wheelchair that can navigate in bad weather conditions and can be ridden on all types of surfaces. 

Anton Borovik, Account Manager of the Skolkovo Foundation Biomed Technologies Cluster: “Caterwil is a resident of the Skolkovo Biomed Technologies Cluster and holds a deserved position in the Foundation’s portfolio of rehabilitation projects. The product complies with the best international engineering practices, which has been repeatedly confirmed by successful performances at various international competitions in cybatletics. I am sure that the European consumer will appreciate the electric wheelchair “Caterwil”, and the project will continue its development”.