Accessible wherever you want

Caterwil Company is engaged in the development and production of the best in the World high-tech rehabilitation devices of disabled people, including children, and elderlies

The company’s best product is the Caterwil GTS electric wheelchair, which provides a personal accessible environment. On the GTS electric wheelchair a person can climb and descend stairs with no need of anybody’s help. He does not need lifts, ramps and other devices.

The Caterwil GTS Wheelchair is the two-time World Champion in Germany’s Cybathlon Experience Rehacare Wheelchair Competitions. The Cybathlon Experience wheelchair races are the competitions for the wheelchairs to overcome real life obstacles. Watch video: Caterwil Team at Cybathlon

An accessible environment can also be realized with the help of the IDEAL X1 mobile stair climber for wheelchairs. The crawler is used in many public places and private companies. The equivalents of IDEAL X1 are the Italian Antano stair climbers, German AAT crawlers.

A popular novelty in the rehabilitation technology market is the folding and lightweight wheelchair for disabled Caterwil Lite. The ultra-light electric stroller folds down to a size of a suitcase in one motion and easily fits in the trunk of any car. The weight of the stroller is only 29 kg, so even the elderly can handle it. Meyra Itravel, Jazzy Passport and KD Smart wheelchairs are the analogues of the Caterwil Lite. The Caterwil Lite is very user friendly and easy for use, so it fits even for elderlies and children

Options for Caterwil GTS

Lightweight electric wheelchairs

Lightweight folding electric wheelchairs are ideal for active users, often traveling by car and taxi.