All-terrain climbing wheelchair remote controller

Controller with LCD for Caterwil

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Price: $646

Controller with LCD – additional option for Caterwil wheelchairs – buy

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The remote control with LCD display is an analogue of the premium car dashboard. The console displays information about the current speed, the load for each engine, the remaining charge in percent and kilometers, wheelchair mileage, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, pitch and roll of the wheelchair, has a clock and much more.

The console has language support (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian). With the remote, you can control all wheelchair parts, adjust the sensitivity of the joystick, change headlights modes, tune signal tones and adjust the time.

This option does not require any special installation.

1 review for Controller with LCD for Caterwil

  1. Richard

    Please send climbing wheelchair info and prices. Thank you !

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