Stair-Climbing All-Terrain Wheelchair – Caterwil GTS 4WD

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All-Wheel drive stairs climbing wheelchair with caterpillars Caterwil GTS 4WD – buy
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    General information

    The innovative combination of the wheel drive and the track drive modes provide the user with enhanced autonomy. The wheel drive mode provides comfortable road navigation, while the track drive mode is suitable for climbing stairs and maneuvering many other obstacles. The pneumatic wheels also offer enhanced functionality in mild off-road conditions, and the ability to overcome thresholds up to 5 cm high.

    This model will suit people of all ages who live with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, lower limb injuries, and other musculoskeletal disorders. The GTS 4WD is also suitable for people in rehabilitation after stroke or chemotherapy, patients with diabetes or cancer, people with complex hip prosthetics, as well as the elderly.

    Caterwil GTS 4WD special features

    The GTS 4WD all-terrain electric wheelchair is a reliable device to use in any circumstance – indoors, on inaccessible and busy city streets, and rough terrain. The device has combined all the best qualities of former models, including its compact size, easy operation, off-road performance, and ability to climb stairs smoothly.

    The Caterwil GTS 4WD is an all-wheel-drive version of the stair climbing Caterwil electric wheelchairs. It has four-wheel-drive and a crawler drive for climbing steps. The four-wheel-drive makes it possible to turn around in limited space, and can be easily navigated on any type of surface. Another advantage of this model is its compact size; it is only 65 cm wide and 86 cm long (without footrests – the full length with the footrests is still only 105 cm). To top it off, the weight of the all-terrain wheelchair is only 98 kg!


    All of the Caterwil wheelchairs in the GTS series provide the user the option to:

    • Adjust the backrest up to 180 degrees
    • Change the tilt angle of the footrest. (The wheelchair can be turned into a bed when the backrest is fully rested, and the footrests are set at their maximum length).
    • Manage the height of the headrest, armrests, and footsteps
    • Adjust the sensitivity of the joystick
    • Manage the tilt angle of the seat relative to the horizon via the controller


    The built-in gyroscope system uses the stair’s angle to automatically determine the correct horizontal position for the chair when the user is in the process of climbing. The unique four-tracks system guarantees an excellent grip with the stairs, even if they have rounded or damaged edges; accordingly, the wheelchair cannot fall down the stairs, ensuring the safety of the user.

    In the case of extreme tilting, the GTS 4WD has a programmed mechanism for stabilizing the wheelchair and, if the user accidentally chooses a potentially dangerous action, the system will be blocked automatically; in any case, the safety of the user will not be jeopardized.

    Brake system and Power failure

    The GTS 4WD has a safety system to protect the user in case of power failure, and the device has electromagnetic brakes that will block the movement if the power turns off – in both cases, the wheelchair can be navigated with the assistant handles, similar to a non-electric wheelchair.

    Safety belts

    The wheelchair can be ensured with 2- or 4-point safety belts as an optional feature.


    The height of the wheelchair in transportation mode – when the seat is folded – is only 70 cm. In transportation mode, the wheelchair can be transported in vehicles with large cargo areas, on planes, and by train. The GTS 4WD can also be wheeled, rather than driven, by turning the switches under the seat by 90 degrees to turn the motors off.


    Parameter Unit Value
    Width cm 65
    Length (including footrests) cm 105-130 (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Length (without footrests) cm 86
    Height in transportation mode cm 70
    Seat width cm 45
    Seat depth cm 45
    Height of the backrest cm 59
    Height of the armrests cm 16-29 (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries) kg 98
    Max. load capacity kg 100
    Driving wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 355
    Max speed on wheels km/h 7
    Max speed on tracks km/h 0.8
    Max distance range km 25
    Max stairs angle deg 40
    Max step height mm 200
    Noise level dBA ≤65
    Battery capacity Ah 42 (Lithium)
    Motor operating voltage  V 24
    Charging current A 5
    Lightning options Front and rear lights 
    Additional safety options Protective covers on the track platform; Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels; Reinforced chain drive; Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard;  Ball bearings in track pulleys



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