Stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS5

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General information

The GTS5 power wheelchair is the most recent model in the wide range of the Caterwil's devices that are designed to help people with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

The chair is the excellent tool for both indoor and outdoor activities. Shops, cafes, restaurants, public libraries, theatres, gyms, and stadiums — with this powerful device life in the city environment becomes much easier.

The innovative mix of the electric drive, wheeled and tracks platforms helps the wheelchair user to be as independent as possible. The pneumatic wheels are helpful for comfortable navigation on the roads and the tracks system will come up when it’s time for the stairs or any other obstacles.

The Caterwil’s electric wheelchairs are suitable for people of all ages with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, lower limb injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. It is also suitable for people in rehabilitation after stroke or chemotherapy; patients with diabetes, cancer; people with a complex hip prosthetic; and the elderly.

Caterwil GTS5 special features

In comparison with the previous models, the GTS5 has received important updates — both visual and technical — to increase the reliability of the chair:

  • Protective covers on the track platform;
  • Sealed case for all the electronics to protect from water;
  • Black non-sticky rubber that fits greatly in overall design;
  • Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels in the most extreme conditions;
  • Reinforced chain that drives the caterpillar tracks keeps its position even under the high pressure;
  • Enhanced ball bearings prevent the track chain screech after long term usage in the wet and cold climate.


As in all Caterwil wheelchairs, the user can change the angle of the backrest, the height of the armrests position, angle and the length for the footrests, and length of the headrest for maximum convenience. The GTS5 provides an even better level of the comfort — the armrests can be bent over and the knee rests have the soft supports.


Safe stair climbing
The unique 4-tracks system guarantees a superb grip with the stair. The wheelchair can easily climb the stairs up to 20cm high, even if they have rounded or damaged edges. Built-in gyroscope system supports the horizontal position of user in the process of climbing.

The device has a programmed mechanism, that helps to stabilize the wheelchair in case of extreme leaning. Also, the system will be blocked automatically when the user chooses incorrect or potentially dangerous action.

Brake system and Power failure

The GTS5 has electromagnetic brakes which means that the system will be stopped automatically in case of accidental or intentional power failure. When the power is turned off, the chair can be switched to the Attendant mode and be navigated with the handles in the back of the construction.

Safety belts

To provide better experience the chair can be ensured with 2- or 4-point safety belts optionally.


The seat can be folded, which makes the wheelchair easily transported in the vehicles with large cargo areas or to be accepted for transportation on flights. The GTS5 in folded position right now is the smallest one of all the Caterwil models — the height in transportation mode will be only 70 cm.


65 cm
102-140 cm depends on the position of the footrests
Height folded
70 cm
Seat width
45 cm
Seat depth
45 cm
Height of the backrest
59 cm
Height of the armrests
15-30 cm (adjustable)
Weight (with batteries)
98 kg
Max. load capacity
115 kg
Front wheels
200 mm (pneumatic, vibration damping)
Rear wheels
330 mm (pneumatic, vibration damping)
Max speed on wheels
8 km/h
Max speed on tracks
0,8 km/h
Distance range
25 km
Max stairs angle
40 deg
Max step height
200 mm
Noise level
≤65 dBA
Battery capacity
38 A*h Lithium battery
Motor operating voltage
24 V
Charging current
5 A
Driving lights
Front and back lights
Additional reliability features
Protective covers on the track platform;
Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels;
Reinforced chain drive;
Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard;
Ball bearings in track pulleys

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