Stair climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS4

Price: 8 600 $

The GTS 4 stair climbing wheelchair production is discontinued
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The Caterwil GTS electric wheelchairs were designed for individuals who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. This is a new way to have an active lifestyle and move around a city without limits.

Freedom of boundless movement with Caterwil wheelchairs

Unique stair climbing wheelchairs in the Caterwil GTS series are suitable for all ages. They can be used for adults and children who has disabilities including spinal cord disorders, cerebral palsy, lower limbs injuries. They can be handy for people in complex medical situations - patients who had a stroke, heart attacks, chemotherapy or were diagnosed with diabetes. As well they can serve for elder people who are restricted in mobility. The GTS wheelchairs are perfect for all types of everyday activities - moving around the city, studying, shopping, and so on. Go anywhere you like - parks, cinemas, restaurants; with such device any type of entertainment can be easily attended. Even travelling can be different - these electric wheelchairs are accepted as luggage at airports. The back of the chair can be folded, which makes it only 79 cm high. It can be transported in the SUVs type trunks as well. With the help of a portable ramp, the wheelchair can be easily rolled into the trunk of the car. The stair-climbing electric wheelchairs have an advanced control system. Electric drive, with a combination of the wheels and tracks systems, provides an equally safe and independent movement in different conditions. Wheels are used for the level roads. Tracks system can be applied to overcome obstacles up to 20 cm high - like stairs and other bumps on the road.

Advantages of the Caterwil GTS 4

Each new model of the stair climbing electric wheelchairs has a more advanced configuration than the former versions. In comparison with previous models GTS 3 and GTS 3 Export, the GTS 4 wheelchair has its own special features. Each wheel has speed monitors (encoders). The information on sensitive elements is received by the computing unit. Data updates up to 40 times per second, which allows controlling movement at any moment.

Besides, the GTS4 has more reliability features:

  • protection mechanism for tracks to prevent slipping over in the extreme driving conditions;
  • a reinforced chain that can work under significant pressure;
  • a water-proof electronics case that protects the operating elements from moisture;
  • ball-bearings in the caterpillar track that provides smooth performance even after longtime usage.
Another improvement comes on a visual side - new version have black rubber on wheels and protective covers on tracks, that are adding a nice touch to the whole device design.

Safety systems

Another significant point of GTS 4 is its safety options. The engineers have focused to make the stair climbing feature as safe as possible. The wheelchair has gyroscopes, that check the position of the user when climbing and helps to keep them in a horizontal position. Special tracks system makes a strong grip with stairs, even if it’s damaged, to prevent the uncontrolled sliding down. The GTS 4 has a stabilizing system on the software level. In other words, if customer in climbing mode choose incorrect and potentially harmful direction, the system will blocks their actions and automatically regulates the wheelchair direction. If battery runs out of power, the electromagnetic brakes will completely lock the device. In order to proceed with movement, user has to turn special handles to switch the wheelchair in the manual mode. To protect customer while driving the GTS 4 wheelchair has 2- and 4-point safety belts. Despite all its advantages, the GTS 4 stair climbing wheelchair production is discontinued. All its strong features were inherited by the next, more improved model - the GTS 5.


Parameter Unit Value
Width cm 65
Length (with footrests) cm 102-140 (depends on the position of the footrests)
Seat width cm 43
Seat depth cm 49
Height of the backrest cm 53
Height of the armrests cm 15-30 (adjustable)
Length of the footrests cm 40-55 (adjustable)
Weight (with batteries) kg 98
Max. load capacity kg 115
Front wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 200
Rear wheels (pneumatic, sound-absorbing) mm 330
Max speed on wheels km/h 8
Max speed on tracks km/h 0.8
Distance range km 25
Max stairs angle deg 40
Max step height mm 200
Noise level dBA ≤65
Battery capacity Ah 37 (Lithium)
Motor operating voltage  V 24
Charger input voltage 220
Charging current A 5
Lightning options Front and rear lights 
Additional safety options Protective covers on the track platform; Mechanism to prevent the tracks from slipping over the wheels; Reinforced chain drive; Sealed electronics module according to IP66 standard;  Ball bearings in track pulleys



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