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Электроколяска Ultra 4WD

High mobility wheelchair Caterwil Ultra 4WD

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General Information

Caterwil power wheelchairs are suitable for people of all ages with neck and back injuries, cerebral palsy, lower limb injuries, and other mobility impairments. It is also suitable for people undergoing rehabilitation after a stroke or chemotherapy, diabetics, cancer patients, people with complex hip prostheses, and the elderly.

Unique Feature

Unique feature

The Caterwil Ultra 4WD wheelchair has 4 electric drive motors for each wheel. Large-diameter tires with a high and wide tread combined with four-wheel drive provide phenomenal off-road capability on any surface. The machine feels confident on loose snow, beach sand, sinking mud, gravel, and other off-road surfaces.

The Caterwil Ultra 4WD has the ability to rotate all of the large drive wheels, providing extremely high all-wheel drive maneuverability.

In addition, when the “Crab” mode is activated, the Ultra 4WD turns all 4 wheels outward, making it easy to turn on the spot on any surface. This mode offers a huge advantage over conventional Caterwil 4WD, as maneuvering uses an order of magnitude less battery power and causes significantly less tire wear.

Unlike the conventional Caterwil 4WD, there is no need to switch from four-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive when driving on high-friction surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

An important feature of the Caterwil Ultra 4WD is that the seat is mounted on a high energy suspension with progressive shock absorbers. Now rough terrain is not only accessible, but also comfortable!

The wheelchair has extremely high maneuverability, allowing you to turn around in narrow hallways, maneuver between furniture in the home, and drive into doorways and elevators.

One of the advantages of this model is its compact size. The width of the all-terrain wheelchair is 65 cm and the length is only 88 cm without footrests and 105 cm with footrests. The weight of the all-terrain wheelchair is only 85 kg!

The standard equipment includes the Caterwil push button remote control. Options available: Remote control with LCD display and Additional remote control for the attendant


Just as with the Caterwil GTS series power wheelchairs, the user can:

  • Tilt the seat back nearly 180 degrees.
  • Change the angle of the footrests. With the backrest fully reclined and the footrests raised, the wheelchair becomes a bed.
  • Adjust the height of the headrest, armrests and footrests.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the joystick.

The Caterwil Ultra 4WD allows you to adjust the depth (length) of the seat and the height of the backrest. This makes it possible to adjust the wheelchair to suit almost any size of user. The upholstery and backrest have pronounced lateral support, which ensures maximum comfort and well-being even during prolonged use.

The back and cushion are removable. The cushion is attached with standard Velcro fasteners, so it can be replaced with a custom-made antidecubitus cushion without raising the seat height.

The headrest has three joints and can be adjusted and locked in any position. The new headrest has an arc shape, which is particularly comfortable for the head.

Also noteworthy are the powerful LED headlights, which have a low beam mode and a high beam mode. When the low beam is activated, the headlamp bezel is activated, providing a soft and diffused light. And when the high beam is on, two powerful central LEDs light up, providing a bright white directional light that ensures the safety of nighttime traffic on the roadway.


The Caterwil 4WD is equipped with electromagnetic brakes, which means that it is completely locked in the event of accidental or forced disconnection of power. When the power is disconnected, the wheelchair can be switched to manual transport mode. To do this, the clutches on the wheels (colored caps) must be unlocked.

When ordering a 4WD model, it is recommended to purchase the two-point or four-point seat belt options.


The seat of the all-terrain wheelchair can be folded by first unfastening the seat cushion. This allows the Caterwil to be transported in “crossover” type vehicles. The Caterwil 4WD wheelchair can also be transported on trains in special carriages.

The height of the 4WD when folded for transport is only 72 cm.


65 cm
Length without footrests
88 cm
Length with footrests
105-130 см
depending on the reach of the footrests
Total height when folded
72 cm
Seat width
45 cm (adjustable 28-43 cm with pelvic supports))
Seat depth
38, 43, 52 cm (adjustable)
Seat back height
53-63 cm (adjustable)
Armrest height
16-29 cm (adjustable)
Wheelchair weight (with batteries)
85 kg
Carrying capacity
125 kg
Drive wheels
355 mm х 2 pcs
355 mm х 2 pcs
Pneumatic, vibration damping, black
Maximum speed
10 km/h
Range on a single charge
30 km (70 km with a High Capacity Battery)
Maximum height of threshold to cross
13 cm
Operating temperature
from -15 to +40 degrees Celsius
Battery capacity
42 A*h
Lithium battery
Charging rate
5 А
Front and rear LED headlights
Motor supply voltage
24 V
Charger input voltage
220 V

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  1. Oleg

    Gentlemen, everything is super, BUT the electric seat adjustment option is needed!!! Please add it!

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