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Коляска инвалидная полный привод 4WD задний привод

All terrain Wheelchair – Caterwil 4WD

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Price: $10,540

All-Wheel drive 4×4 All Terrain wheelchair Caterwil 4WD – buy
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  • Overview

    Caterwil electric wheelchairs are a great choice for people with reduced mobility. They provide a comfortable and safe experience in all cases with musculoskeletal disorders and lower limb injuries. They’re suitable for people who don’t have much control over the upper body, in cases like neck/spinal injury and cerebral palsy. People in rehabilitation after a stroke or chemotherapy; patients with diabetes, cancer; people with a complex hip prosthesis; elderly people – the Caterwil wheelchairs bring back the joy of movement to any person in need.

    Special features

    The Caterwil 4WD wheelchair is powered by four leading electromotors by the wheel. The large diameter tyres with wide sections together with all-wheel drive provide phenomenal ability to move across any surface. The wheelchair rides confidently on loose snow, beach sand, soft mud, gravel and other off-road conditions.
    4WD Model has two riding modes: four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. In the rear-wheel-drive mode, the front part of the wheelchair lends two additional self-rotating wheels. At the same time, the front-drive wheels are lifted 2-3 cm off the ground. In that mode the wheelchair operates only with drives on the left and right, the front drives are shut down. This way the battery saves more energy, so the user can travel longer distances on one battery charge.
    The wheelchair has extremely high manoeuvrability. It allows user to turn around in one place in narrow hallways, move in the house between furniture, enter the doorways and elevators.
    One more advantage of this model is its size. It’s very compact – 65 cm wide and 88 cm long without footrests (full length with them will be 105 cm). The weight is only 75 kg!
    In the default setup, it has a standard Caterwil control panel with buttons. But it can be upgraded with LCD-display controller and Additional controller for the attendant.


    Caterwil GTS wheelchairs have the following options to provide the user with the most comfortable driving experience:
    Adjust the backrest almost up to 180 degrees;
    Change the tilt angle of the footrests (Basically, you can convert your wheelchair to the bed place when the backrest and the footrests are adjusted accordingly);
    Adjust the height of the headrest, armrests and footrests based on your sitting position requirements;
    Set the required sensitivity of the controller;
    Regulate the sitting position regarding the horizon by pressing the keys on the control panel.


    Built-in gyroscopes automatically regulate the gravity centre of the wheelchair when overcoming obstacles. On the smooth surface, the user can control the tilting angle of the sit from the controller.
    Brace system and power-off
    Caterwil 4WD has electro-magnetic braces that will immediately block any further movement in case of an accidental or forced energy shutdown. In the power-off mode, the wheelchair can be switched to the attendant mode. To do so, the wheel clutches (coloured caps) must be snapped off.

    Safety belts

    It’s recommended to get the safety-belts for all the 4WD models – user can choose 2-points or 4-points safety belt.


    The 4WD wheelchair sit can be folded. This makes it suitable for transporting it in the average crossover SUVs. It’s also suitable for moving in specially equipped trains.
    The wheelchair height in the folded position is only 70 cm.


    65 cm
    Length (without footrests)
    88 cm
    Length (including footrests)
    105-130 cm
    (depends on the position of the footrests)
    Height in transportation mode
    68 cm
    Seat width
    45 cm
    Seat depth
    38, 43, 52 cm (adjustable)
    Height of the backrest
    53-63 cm (adjustable)
    Floor to seat height
    52 cm
    Height of the armrests
    16-29 cm (adjustable)
    Weight (with batteries)
    75 kg
    Max. load capacity
    100 kg
    Driving wheels
    355 mm х 4
    pneumatic, sound-absorbing, black
    Additional wheels
    150 mm х 2
    pneumatic, sound-absorbing, black
    Max speed on wheels
    12 km/h
    Distance range
    30 km / 60 km with Optional battery
    Battery capacity
    42 Аh
    Motor operating voltage
    24 V
    Charger input voltage
    220 V
    Charging current
    5 А
    Lightning features
    Front and rear lights



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    1. Steve-n-Dave

      Cool machine! No 1 for countryside!

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