Caterwil joins the 7th International Exhibition for Rehabilitation Equipment “Integration’19” in Moscow

Caterwil joins the 7th International Exhibition for Rehabilitation Equipment “Integration’19” in Moscow

Caterwil couldn’t miss the 7th International Exhibition for Rehabilitation Equipment “Integration’19”, which was held in Moscow. The stair climbing wheelchair GTS4 was a center of attention on the live demonstration. Everyone could test the device themselves and understand that it’s easy, comfortable and safe to operate. 

Ergonomic seating was one of the many improvements that came with this model. The construction has orthopedic characteristics and is suitable for people with different weight categories. It has secure fixation in the chair due to the side supports, therefore even a very skinny person would feel comfortable in it. 

A number of electrical adjustments allow a user to adjust the chair according to the characteristics of their body. As well they can easily change body position to prevent pressure sores and blood stagnation. With a simple press of a button, you can change the size of the chair cushion, the inclination angle of the backrest, the height of the headrest, the lumbar support position, the position of the feet.

We suggested to every willing person to check the stair climbing mechanism in use. They could try it with the impressively looking staircase in the demonstration room. At the beginning the idea to climb it up and down seemed frightening, but first brave volunteers quickly figured out that this power wheelchair can be trusted and started enjoying the ride. Successful passing of this public test-drive is a proof of the reliability of the GTS4 power wheelchair.

Participation in the Integration’19 exhibition in Moscow is an important opportunity for Caterwil to introduce our products to people from Russia and other countries.  We believe that devices in the GTS-series are a chance for people with disabilities to improve their quality of life and receive a barrier-free environment anywhere.