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Caterwi joins Rehacare exibition

Caterwi joins Rehacare exibition

From 18 to 21 September in Dusseldorf, Germany took place the international exhibition of rehabilitation products Rehacare. Caterwil couldn’t miss such an event and demonstrated there its latest unique development — the GTS5 wheelchair.
The model impressed the audience with its modern sport design and improved technical characteristics. The design with advanced weight distribution, fold-down armrests, ergonomic footrests and reinforced chain provides comfortable and safe movement, as any exhibitor could make sure of.

People could test-drive GTS5 with help of our assistants. At first, they were all shy and stiff, but the further they moved forward on the stairs, the more they understood how comfortable and safe this device and how it can help people with disabilities. At the end of the test-drive people just couldn’t get away from our “Catie” and asked to climb the stairs one more time.
Thanks to the built-in gyroscopes system, the user is automatically held in a horizontal position in the stair-climbing mode. The software algorithm instantly eliminates misalignments and returns the user to a safe position. In case the device power will be off, it can be switched to the manual control mode.

Rehacare exhibition is a great opportunity to introduce a valuable product not only to German users but many major foreign companies as well. As a rule, at events of this level, it’s very common to sign supply agreements and this exhibition was no exception. Caterwil company has found new customers and people with disabilities — a new hope for a decent life.