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Caterwil stair-climbing wheelchairs join H.C.R. exhibition in Tokyo

caterwil gts 5 in tokyo

Every year Tokyo hosts the H.C.R. – International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Industry. For many participants it is a great opportunity to share their achievements with representatives of large companies, as well as with ordinary users. Caterwil was demonstrating there the unique stair-climbing electric wheelchairs not for the first time. 

During the H.C.R. exhibition there are full test-drives, where people can test all-terrain vehicles in action and make sure that the Caterwil technical devices are stable, safe and easy to use. This time, people could test and evaluate the automatic adjustment of the gyroscope and a number of other functions of the GTS5 device.

Upgraded Caterwil devices provide security for the owner on a software level. In other words, when the wheelchair tends to incline and put the user in a potentially dangerous position, the automatic system instantly eliminates any imbalance. At the exhibition, anyone could check this out.

In addition to product testing, as part of the international event, the exhibition included technical and business conferences, where potential partners could get full information about the product. This way participants could exchange experiences and discuss pressing matters in the rehabilitation industry.

Participation in such events once again proves the value and uniqueness of Caterwil products and helps to spread them around the world. In consequence of the H.C.R. Exhibition, Caterwil gained new partners from Japan and signed a supply agreement for technical devices for people with disabilities. And that means that now there will be more happy people on the planet.