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All-terrain electric wheelchairs goes to Chinese market

Russian all-terrain electric wheelchairs are winning the Chinese market

The consumers in America and Europe have already highly appreciated the stair-climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 produced by russian team started by graduates of the Novosibirsk State Technical university. In October 2019 this team successfully made an order to deliver a wheelchair for a client from Shanghai. And in the same month, an agreement was signed for the shipment of Caterwil products to China through a well-known Beijing company that sells vehicles for people with disabilities in their country.

Advantages of the russian powered wheelchair Caterwil GTS 

The main advantage of the Caterwil powered device is the ability to operate in extreme conditions, that can not be achieved by Hong Kong manufacturers. Caterwil GTS3 wheelchair combines wheel and track system. The first one is suitable for driving on plain surfaces, the other  one is designed for climbing stairs, including steep stairs, and for easily overcoming obstacles such as borders, pits, and more.

The Russian model also performs perfectly in winter conditions, when the roads are covered with snow or ice crust – it was successfully tested numerous times. Therefore, it can be used in countries with rough weather conditions.

There are several additional benefits of this all-terrain wheelchair:

  • Smooth running, which provides comfortable movement.
  • Energy saving built, which reduces the cost of maintenance of the device.
  • Thought-through security system and reinforced security elements.

Unlike the devices produced in China, the russian wheelchairs are capable of overcoming obstacles of high complexity, but keeping the same cost. This helps them to stay accessible and attract new customers all over the world, being the good competition to the Chinese and other markets.