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The stairs climbing wheelchair Caterwil GTS3 is a unique product that provides the absolutely accessible environment for people with limited physical abilities. While driving the wheelchair move totally softly and safely up and down the surfaces with an angle of inclination of up to 15°. This is enough to cross most of the city ramps and any other barriers.

On a track mode the stairs climbing electric wheelchair is able to climb stairs up to 40 degrees. The rounded steps with rounding up to 50mm in old buildings are accessible for Caterwil. Modes are easily switched by pressing a button on a controller.

The left and right tracks are moving independently that makes possible to climb curved stairs and turn on a point in a tank style. 1×1 meter space is enough for 90 deg turning. This makes possible the utilization of the stairs climbing wheelchair for disabled people in narrow porches.

The width of the Caterwil GTS3 is 65 cm only that’s why it fits in usual elevators, doorways and turnstiles and feels free in houses.

All particular characteristics of different building construction were taken into account by designers and engineers who devoted themselves to their project of manufacturing of the best stairs climbing wheelchair.


On a wheel mode the angle of the whole seat is to be adjusted from controller for the optimum comfortable seating.

User can adjust the angle of the backrest, angle of each footrest, length of each footrest, height of the armrests, length of the headrest for maximum convenience. All these settings are manual in a Basic configuration but electric options can be installed.

The pneumatic wheels absorb the vibrations and provide a soft and pleasant move.

The sensitivity of the joystick and the maximum speed can be customized on the controller to drivers needs and environmental features, which allows the user to choose the optimal mode.


Parameter Unit Value
Width cm 65
Weight empty kg 98
Distance range km 25
Max. load capacity kg 120
Seat width cm 48
Seat depth mm 510
Front wheel size mm 200
Drive wheel size mm 330
Max speed on wheels km/h 8
Max speed on tracks km/h 0,8
Max stairs angle deg 40
Max step height mm 200
Operating temperature Deg C -20 to 40
Battery capacity Ah 38


Gyroscope seat controller totally managed by electronics and keeps the chair in horizontal position even while climbing 40 degrees stairs.

The unique 4-tracked Caterwil scheme guarantees the maximum contact and the best grip while moving upstairs.

Caterwil is equipped with automatic electromagnetic brakes that fix the wheelchair when it must be stopped or in case of emergency. There are two red levers on the back side that allows to switch the wheelchair in a freewheeling mode for pushing the wheelchair by a companion.

Front and rear LED optics allow users to drive the roads at night or any reduced visibility conditions and be fully visible for other drivers.

There are two types of safety belts are available as options for ordering: 2-points and 4-points belts. 4-points safety belt is required for users who have problems with holding the body.

The electronics has a wheelchair health system that scans every second the condition of wheelchair parts. In case of any malfunctions it tries to fix them or warn the driver with the messages on the controller.


The Basic configuration GTS3 has a folding seat. The height of the folded GTS3 is 78 cm – this allows the wheelchair to be driven into minivans, most cars of SUV type and many crossovers. With the folding ramp the GTS3 can be driven into the trunk by one person.

The wheelchair is accepted for transportation in airplanes. It is possible to travel on Caterwil in wheelchair accessible trains, ferries and coaches.

By now the wheelchair Caterwill is available for purchase on our website. We are glad to give this opportunity to order and buy the stairs climbing wheelchair online for every person who is in need more care and attention and who wants to be more independent and live freely. The stairs climbing wheelchair’s price is a price of your comfort in any conditions in the city environment.


There are 3 colors available for order: ultramarine (blue), scarlet (red) and silver (gray)

Caterwil GTS3 Blue Basic configuration
Caterwil GTS3 Red with Body support, Electric backrest, Electric leg rests, Custom seat color, Folding-back table, Sun and rain roof, 2-point safety belt

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